Are you setting up your own company or planning to take over an existing one?

We provide advice and will gladly support you during these first steps…

bullet Analysis of the business concept
bullet Assessment of the Market
bullet Creation of a formation plan
bullet Creation of an investment and funding plan
bullet Creation of a profitability assessment
bullet Creation of a liquidity plan
bullet Support in the procurement of capital

Is your company based abroad and you are planning to employ staff, open a branch office or set up a subsidiary in Germany?

We can support you …

bullet With the coordination and registration at various Public Authorities
bullet In the day-to-day recording of business transactions and payroll accounting
bullet With general administrative tasks during the Start Up phase
bullet In the creation of monthly reports for the Head Office

Your company deserves the best advice. Therefore we restrict ourselves to the areas in which we have specialized and, where appropriate, engage the services of other experts. As a result, we do not provide any legal or tax advice. In such cases we can work together either with your own consultants or with legal and tax experts known to us.