Selected Customers

bullet Advantest (Europe) GmbH
Distribution company; supplier to the semiconductor industry
bullet Medconnect GmbH
Service sector; association management company
bullet Open Europe Consulting
Service sector; management consultancy
bullet Reclamebuero
Service sector; advertising agency
bullet Kindertagesstätte Haar gGmbH
Service sector; management of daycare facilities for children

Selected Projects

bullet Ongoing Controlling and Consulting Services for an Association Management Company
(Responsible partner: Lore Junginger)
bullet Implementation of accounting-software (Lexware) for a veterinary clinic
(Responsible partner: Lore Junginger)
bullet Implementation and consultation in the development of a monthly reporting package for a veterinary clinic
(Responsible partner: Claudia Menke and Lore Junginger)
bullet Implementation of accounting and payroll software (Lexware) for a non-profit company, as well as consultation on the definition of business processes and the information flow between the head office, various institutions and business partners
(Responsible partner: Lore Junginger)
bullet Commercial consultancy on the restructuring of an organization into a non-registered non-profit association. (Hiving off of 30 local groups and 10 regional offices of the organization)
(Responsible partner: Lore Junginger)
bullet Allocation and accounting of ongoing business transactions, ongoing payroll accounting and payroll tax returns for various customers
(Responsible partner: Lore Junginger and Rietta Schönberger)
bullet Projects related to Oracle Financials Applications:
- Implementation of Oracle Financial Applications 11.0.3
- Upgrade of Oracle Financial Applications to 11.5.10
- Adaptation of business processes to comply with new US-GAAP reporting requirements following the listing of the holding company on the NYSE
- Rollout of Oracle Financials for a branch office in Italy
(Responsible partner: Lore Junginger
bullet Project-coordination of branch office registrations in Ireland, Portugal and Israel
(representatives of the company, tax-advisers – local and abroad, notary and further business partners and institutions), and consultation in defining business processes and information-flows between the head office and branch offices
(Responsible partner: Lore Junginger)